Monday, 24 January 2011


Thank you for stopping by my brand new blog about my exploits with Lincoln City FC on Football Manager 2011.

I'm an experienced blogger and. I enjoy football management games and have been playing Championship Manager 2008 for around four years now so I thought it time I upgraded to a more recent game. I'm an experienced blogger and write about my hobby in great detail, including stories about the things I get up to so I thought 'why not create a blog where I can document my managerial career on football manager and add a bit of excitement and a story to it?'. And here it is.

I'm not entirely sure what style to write in, whether to do it as a solely news-based blog or to add in my personal opinion and what I'm thinking as I'm playing through the game (to make it more human rather than just report results/signings etc). But anyway, any thoughts or feelings are always welcome and feel free to 'follow' this blog!

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